July 4, 2009

Felting Trends

Felting is the new thang to create, I learned from my mom. She took a workshop on how to create raw fibers of silk and wool to create felt. It's a little to rustic and messy for my style, but it was pretty interesting to help her do her felting homework for her class.

She stared by pulling short fibers and laying them down on top of each other. Then another layer, 90 deg from the first, was laid over it.

We also had some silk that we cut into triangles to place on top of the wool, to create a 'prickly' design. Her homework was to create something that represented 'prickly.'

The real action happens with you add warm water and olive oil soap.

And then she had to roll, many times, the piece so that the fibers would talk to each other. These are her words, "talk to each other." I was skeptical, but it started working.

To get all the fibers stuck together and become a piece of fabric, you must throw. She threw the wet mess as hard as she could against the counter.

The final piece was really quite cool. Her instructor was pretty impressed as well.

I don't think I could make a trip home without witnessing a new art project and learning a few techniques from my mom.

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Uma said...

When do we get to "felt?" After T-shirts and aprons and dresses and paintings I suppose . . . That felt looks PRICKLY!