July 3, 2009

Snorkeling in Winter

We rented snorkel masks and fins to go check out the tropical fish in Turquoise Bay. This reef is known for strong currents that can quickly take you into deep waters through a break in the reef. 

Discovering this, we entered the shallow reefs far from the danger area so the current would carry us over the corals and wildlife.

I had some trouble standing in the water with fins on. Mom caught me falling backwards in the sand, while Nathan is fiddling with his mask. 

The fish were amazing! A designer’s dream: vivid colors, rainbow stripes, small neon fish and the oddest of shapes. I saw multi-colored wrasses, clown fish, tang fish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, angelfish and SO many more. 

I almost panicked when I saw the reef shark. It was six feet long and swam under me toward Nathan. I took out the mouthpiece and screamed, “shark!” 

I was sure we were dead, first Nathan, then me. Dad screamed, “It’s harmless. It’s just a nurse shark.”  I asked, “Promise?” 

But after seeing the display, we figured it was a reef shark. Mostly safe, but still a shark.

We also saw two green turtles. It was so special. It’s hard to smile with a snorkel in your mouth. I saw a stingray too, but stayed away from it.

I hate to complain again, but it was super cold. Sitting on the beach was painfully cold, but the water felt like warm salty bathwater.

We celebrated our discoveries by enjoying fresh local snapper on a bed of Mediterranean salad.

So fresh, so good.

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