July 4, 2009


A trip home always involves fun errands and little day excursions. I went on the little shopping trip to the mall on Saturday, because NOTHING is open in Australia on a Sunday. I found a little hat that I think suits me very well.

On a sunny afternoon we went to a gallery showing of gorgeous textile shabori work and beautiful prints. It was a husband and wife, they were both artists. After a few minutes of being there, we realized the artists were actually right next to us and we got the pick their brains and get all the juicy details of their work and education history.

There was also this adorable, but giant, puppy that grabbed a paper out of my moms hand and took it outside to chew on.

My parents have this old 1999 volvo, that we used to use in Adelaide. They NEVER drive it, except when my brother comes home on a break from university. So twice a year, they call Australian AAA to come recharge the battery. A well dressed man came to fix the car and give us a 20 minute lecture on how we were distroying the battery by letting it drain for months and months. He sternly told us it must be charged over night. We ignored his advice. Nathan I drove it that afternoon for a few hours to run our errands. Everytime we parked and restarted the engine, we held our breath, not knowing if we'd be able to drive home.

Gorgeous wallpaper patterns. I love the bright pinks and blues against the muted browns.

That evening, my parents took Nathan and I to a wine tasting bar, that also served tapas (small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar). It was quite lovely. Notice my red, tipsy face in the photo below with my dad.

Nathan and my mom split a bottle of red wine, I think it was a shiraz, between them. Somehow, they managed to talk to the waiter about earthquakes and geology. How the science topic came up, I don't know.

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