June 23, 2009

Touristy shenanigans

Playtime in Canberra! Nathan and I got slightly lost in Capital Hill. We skipped below nations’ flags, checked out the old Parliament building and the Aboriginals tents and presence on the lawn near Capital Hill.
I only dragged Nathan to only one gallery, the National Portrait Gallery. We were disappointed at first, seeing a line of people waiting to pay $12 to get into the exhibit. A helpful docent informed us that crowd was only for the traveling collection of Vanity Fair photographs and the main part of the gallery was FREE. The Castillo-Magee offspring are a thrifty pair. The portraits were more of a history lesson and ranged through decades and even centuries. It was one of the most refreshing galleries I’ve visited in a long time. We checked out the infamous Vanity Fair photo spreads in the expensive hardcover in the gallery bookstore. We left satisfied. 

Nathan and I also took a mini hike up Black Mountain, just behind the university. It was steep walk up to Testra tower.

There’s a restaurant at the top of the tower with a view, but we just wandered around and came back down.

Nathan gave me a thorough tour of the campus. We snuck inside one of his large Chemistry lecture halls. We figured out how to turn on the lights and quickly snapped a few photos. Good thing the campus is close to deserted, or at least the people left are too distracted by their final exams.

 After three days in Canberra, I caught a quick and easy flight to Perth, Western Australia. Not sure if I’m prepared for Perth’s coastal rain, it’s become a myth in my mind.


Nico said...

I like the variety of silly poses. Seems to run in the family.

Jessica Castillo said...

Nathan was walking away from me, and I told him to jump around. I love that shot!