June 24, 2009

The Perth house on Joffre Road

My Mom & Dad live on a house just two blocks from the coast of the Indian Ocean. The outside of the house looks the same, but they remodeled the kitchen inside and updated a few things. I’ll have to dedicate a later post to their new kitchen. It’s quite a dream kitchen.

It’s winter down under and the beach was deserted except for a few brave surfers. 

It’s crisp and overcast, and a little rainy, which is perfect a beach walk. I always miss the beach until I get sand in my shoes.

It was gorgeous one afternoon so Mom & I went for a long walk along the coast.


Fernanda said...

Que interesante!! We Loved all your pictures, getting to know your mom and dad and a little of their world in Australia.
Kyle y Fernanda

HiD said...

Thanks for sharing! How much fun! I loved the pumpkin soup and the aquarium pics.

HiD said...

oops - HiD = Heidi R :)

Jessica Castillo said...

My parents' house sure is nice. Thanks Heidi, Kyle & Fernanda.