June 25, 2009

A to the Q: Aquarium!

From Abalone to Queen Angelfish, today I visited the Aquarium down at Hillary’s Bay/Dock/whatever.
I adore, love to visit the color fish and corals. They have the most unique patterns and shapes, and the oddest head shapes and bulging eyes. 

I was equally excited about the quality of photos I got from my little point and shoot camera. I used the automatic ‘underwater setting’ and the photos turned out surprisingly well.
Check out little Nemo! Clown fish are so cute. They like to hang out in the anemone, just like my kitty back home. Zoe, my cat, likes to hangout in warm laundry crevasses.

This eel was just chilling in the sand, with only his/her top part and head popping out. What a dork! I bet the eel would play online role playing games if it had a PC and arms.

After the aquarium, we went to lunch at a brewery and I had some delicious beer. Yummers!

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