June 25, 2009

Pumpkin Soup

Back to the kitchen…

Since I don’t have the stamina to document and explain all the new features in their remodeled kitchen, I will share with you Dad’s infamous pumpkin soup. 

I woke up to the sound of the grinder. I thought it was 7am and he was grinding coffee, but in actuality it was 10:30am and was grinding spices for the soup. Whole sticks of cinnamon, cloves… I’m not sure what else because I didn’t get out of bed until I smelled the roasting pumpkin… a half hour later.

He uses butternut pumpkin. It smells pretty nasty while it cooks.

He bought bushels of basil, mint, oregano and chives, all in leaf form. Then he sautéed a chili and chopped it up in a fancy food processor. That smelled fantastic. Dad said, “It’s like Christmas, with all the food we were making.”

Dad then cleaned out the flesh of the pumpkin. I’m still laughing at Dad’s awesome expression.

After the chopping, blending and simmering…we have pumpkin soup. Mom said it was the best he’s ever made. 

I’d rather carve a kitty face in a Jack O’ Lantern.

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Uma said...

Your dad is an awesome cook!