June 30, 2009

Food & Wine Festival in York

On Saturday my mom, dad & I drove an hour and a half inland to a Food and Wine Festival in York. It’s an old town with one main street and a quaint architecture. There were a few dozen tables where you could samples a range of food from spicy olives, lemon infused olive oil, goats cheese, pistachio dukkah, sun dried tomato mustard and orange choc cookies. There was also some local wine tasting.

Just around the corner from the festival were cooking demonstrations. We watched a pastry chef from the city create a rhubarb tart (or was it a pie?). She had a delightful sense of humor and I was impressed with her skills.

She also made some mini chocolate cupcakes from scratch. They tasted as good as they looked.

We met up with some family friends, Anne & Kari. It was lovely to see them. We had coffees and scones (with jam & cream, of course) at a local hotel/pub.

You can’t see in the photos, but the ceilings in these old bars are very low. People must’ve been a lot shorter back in the day, without the plethora of meat and hormones we have access to today.

I was shocked when I saw a bartender put a lemon wedge into a Corona beer. I should’ve gotten a photo of this tragedy.

We drove back to city just in time to pick Nathan up from the airport. He stayed in Canberra to finish his last exam (which I’m sure he passed with flying colors) and was ready to start his winter break in Western Australia.

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