June 30, 2009

Food products

Hungry for Salt & Vinegar chips? How about a Lift?

There are a few Australian foods that I never see in the U.S. I don’t particularly like to eat these products, but am fascinated when I see them on the shelf.

Lift is a strong lemon & lime soda. It’s ok, but it burns the throat as it goes down. Fanta is great because of the catchy commercial jingle. ìFanta, fanta, wanta fanta!î Nathan said he went to a Fanta party and the only mixer was the orange soda. They made drinks with Fanta and gin, vodka, you name it. Nathan woke up with a hangover and a rash from yellow or red dye.

My main deterrent for living in Australia is the cheese selection. There must be more than Tasty and Colby cheese. I’ve never found a good cheddar or pepper jack.

Ever tried salt & vinegar chips? Gross!

I’ve never been curious enough to try burger rings. I don’t even know what their made of.

Ah, Lamingtons! These are a yummy treat. I like them when they are bite size cakes. A little sprinkle of coconut will make anything delicious.

Smartites in Australia are a shell covered chocolate candy. Once, I was offered a smartie thinking it was the U.S. kind,.. and was disappointed.

Vegemite and Nutella, Aussie pantry staples! Toast up some white bread and start spreading.

Steak & [insert flavor] pies are a typical lunch or snack. I see people take a sauce (ketchup) bottle and squirt it inside the pie. It’s quite an attractive package, having a meal in self-contained pie form. I prefer quiches.

I lived on Iced Coffee in High School. You can’t screw up milk, sugar & caffeine. Local bakeries and delis dedicate an entire refrigerator to their coffee flavored milk.

I’ve made myself hungry-—I'm off to breakfast.


Nico said...

They have Lift in Mexico. It's generally apple flavored though. Fanta Naranja (orange) was also a staple of mine in Mexico back in the day.

Jessica Castillo said...

Wow, apple flavored Lift. I'd like to try that.

Uma said...

I really like Vegemite and Marmite. Why I like beer brewing by-products and not beer, I will never know.