February 13, 2007

Nathan, ANU, Canberra & Fiona Hall

Nathan studies engineering at ANU, The Australian National University, in Canberra. Part of our eastern Australia trip was to drop off him and his kilos of belongings, he refers to as 'useless crap.'

Three of my favorite photos of Nathan:

Left- Nathan doing the Mommy Dance, which looks more like Stevie Wonder (with an angelic, dopey smile on his face) than Marian moving to music.

Center-Nathan getting annoyed, his favorite past time, even though he is kicking my arse at a game of chess on a giant, checkered table in The Pancake Parlour Restuarant.

Right-Nathan getting a very important cell phone call from a 'friend' wondering when he is coming back to Bruce Hall, his dorm. Is it the phantom girlfriend?

Mom and Nathan are adorable, like two cookies left in the cookie jar.

The circus came to town.

Intersting posters on the city's walls in Australia.

I got to visit with some old friends, Kristen & Kari, from when I lived in Adelaide, Australia. They are such awesome people, this was at Kari's house chillin' party–instead of a warming party, because she was moving out.

We went to the National Gallery in Canberra. I saw paintings by Pollock, Monet, Stella, Matisse, Warhol and many great Australian & Aboriginal artists. I do remember a contemporary Australian sculpture and installation artist and photographer, Fiona Hall, who designed this beautiful Fern Garden hidden in the center walls of the gallery. The art piece is a living installation, with benches, trees and a path that walks you through the garden. I studied Fiona in High School in Adelaide, but never saw any pieces in real life. She is political, sexy, ironic with excellent crafting skills in metal.

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