February 13, 2007

Coogee Beach: Nude sunbathing & Chish 'n' Fips

Coogee Beach is one of the more intimate beaches in Sydney, yet on hot summer days it can get as crowded as Bondi Beach.

The house we stayed in was a hundred years old, with windows you had to slid up, high ceilings and flickering lights. The bathrooms were remodelled and the kitchen and patio were modern. I would love to live in this house. We spent the days at the beach or enclosed ocean pools. In evenings we would buy groceries and cook dinners at the house.

A play on the traditional 'Fish and Chips.' You cannot live in Australia without beer battered fried fish and chips (a.k.a. freedom fries in The States).

On the last day Mom and walked 4 km north from Coogee Beach to the next hot spot, Bondi Beach. It was a hilly walk with beautiful views of the most whitest beaches in Australia. We concluded there are dinstict smells and colors of the Pacific Ocean, compared to the Indian Ocean beaches of Perth and Western Australia.

Along the coast there were pools, closed off by cement walls to large waves, but jellyfish (%$#@&!!!) snuck in. It was a safe way to swim in the ocean, and to see crabs, sea urchins and fish with goggles. It was so relaxing to float in the ocean without being carried away by rip tides or sharks.

There were women and childern only baths (70 years old) for essential nude sun bathing and women with religious retsrictions, unable to bathe with men present. There was a broad range of women from eight to eighty. It was very comfortable, expect for the two male fishmen who decided nearby rocks were the best place to catch fish.

These Blue Bottle Jellyfish littered Coogee Beach. They are known around the rest of the world as 'Porchoguese Man O War' because they look like a ship at sea. If a human gets stung, skin will hurt and become more painful if you touch the area, as it release the poison.

The jellyfish you have to watch out for is the Box Jellyfish, one of the most venimous animals on earth. They kill about one person a season on the Queensland coast. I did not see a deadly Box Jellyfish, only the pretty Blue Bottle Jellyfish.

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