February 13, 2007

Eric Clapton: we went down to the crossroads

Thank you, family and friends for your wonderful comments, much appreciated. I miss you all. How can I be homesick, if I'm at home?
We saw Eric Clapton, the legend of all rockers, on Sunday. He is sixty years young, and plays better than my ears remember. My dad is his number one fan, seriously, and loved it! There was an other guitar player with him that was really impressive, Derek Trucks, he has a band of his own too, check him out.
Clapton is one of the greatest artists of all time. He played a few new songs, some bluesy & slow. Then the classics Layla, Crossroads, Wonderful Tonight and Cocaine. He switched guitars several times, played alone, but mostly with the band. His hands move smoothly and with such bold sound, I wish he played Sunshine of your Love.

There was a relatively older crowd at the concert, only a few people my age. Surprising, because I assumed everyone loves Eric Clapton, young and old, red and blue.

Bittersweet story: we almost didn't get in to see Clapton at all. We were running late, after finding a distant parking spot and jogging to the stadium. We didn't have the tickets from Blue Tix (part of Virgin Blue), because they were never delivered from the online purchase. But we did have a letter from Blue Tix with our info and seats, and the tickets were supposed to be waiting for us at the gate. We walked to the box office, then line for pick-up; but there were no tickets for us and when we showed them the letter they said, "What am I supposed to do with this? We've never heard of Blue Tix"

We were thinking....SHIT....so we waited, and calmly argued, and finally asked for this lady moron's supervisor who came over to explain our seats were not secure because we had no ticket. They finally let us in, we saw two people in our sweet seats, with tickets; and we had to accept extra seats off to the side. The seats were not as good as the ones originally purchased to view Clapton. Moral, Blue Tix sucks moth balls!
Cedge and Anne, family friends, are almost in the center of this crowd.

It seemed they finished early, but we enjoyed it so much time flew by fast.

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