January 17, 2007

Hot child in the City

Perth is a clean city, close to parks and water, and filled with people walking fast–but strangely only five days a week. While trekking up and all over Kings park, I saw many colorful flowers, dramatic trees and crazy birds. I looked like a sore thumb with my tourist ensemble: walking shoes, iPod, camera, hat and backpack. My parents go on romantic picnics in Kings Park.The view was spectacular, and the skyline so foreign from Tucson. Pardon the over exposed photos; Tucson and Australia share the glaring sun.
Gorgeous dramatic shapes, emotional colors and familiar fragrances.


joeuhlik said...

Hi Jessie,
Auntie Bridget here! I'm writing to you from St. Paul where I'm in grad school! I love your blog! Lots of love to you, Marian, David and wee little Nathan:)

Hilary Tellesen said...

Wow. That trip looked awesome. I wish we were making a trip out to see you this month. My wishing led me to really look into your blog. Wow. You are Friggin' hilarious.
LOVE the italicized aussie interpretation!