January 17, 2007

Fremantle & a rainy ride

I rode 14 miles to Cottesloe and back to Trigg, despite the rain and sideways wind. It was beautiful and I could've gone further. In the first half hour of the ride, I spotted a "stubbie" lizard in the middle of the path–almost hit it–but just passed it. It was a blue-tongued lizard, the type that held my mom hostage in the backyard, blocking the doorway. They open their mouths, hiss and show their blue tongues, not poisonous, but if bitten–strong jaws will not let go. I didn't stop for a picture, but saw two more lizards just 5 minutes later down the path. I pissed one off and it hissed at me. The photo I caught wasn't nearly as good as the one I pulled off the web: (looks basically like what happened)
The rest of the ride was awesome, but a storm arrived and rained and blew sideways wind, isn't it supposed to be summer? I spent a day in the city, chillin' and exploring . I must love Dale–I see him everywhere...That afternoon, I went with my Mom to get Nathan his x-mas present–a new suit! He attends formal dinners/events at Uni, since he is involved with the dorms. Dressing nice must cancel out irresponsible binge drinking games. Despite my opinion, he looked sharp as hell! I believe there are more mannequins in use in Australian shops–they were making me nervous:
On Sunday we went to Fremantle: a harbour city with adorable shops, market, x-cellent nightlife and a wicked brewery, "Little Creatures." Delicious brewskies & munchies. As tourists we also saw a convict-built lunatic asylum converted to a Museum (every room was haunted!) and a Maritime Museum. Hooray for history.


Troy said...


So good to "hear" your voice via your blog. Love the pictures and your stories. Please keep it up.

We all miss you here at AG. So far, Anthony and I have managed, with some overtime, to keep up.

It will be harder next week without Kym to help during the day; she's having her hernia surgery on Monday and will be recovering the rest of the week. OUCH!

You missed temperatures earlier this week that dipped down into the TEENS here in Tucson. It was so cold the water intake pipe to our house froze solid! We had no water for several hours.

I hauled out our oil-filled radiant heater from the master bedroom outside at 6:00 AM, shoved it up against the pipe and turned it on full-blast. It took a few hours, but we had water by 9:00 AM.

Fortunately, we had no pipe damage. I'll have to plan for temperatures this low again; I'm sure it will happen again before the winter is done. Many folks around town had broken pipes as a result of the freeze.

If we had had moist weather in the area, we would have had snow, even down at my house.

Please be safe and enjoy yourself. Say "HI!" to all of your family for us.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

We miss you here....

Be Safe...

Claudio and Kym say hi. Hope you are having fun. We are having fun too.. Life is great here.. It just rained. Wish we were there.. Put some shrimp on the barbie for us. Try out some aussie wine and Kangaroo meat. Say hi to Paul Hogan for us..

Claudio dictated... I just typed..


Vivien said...

Hi Jessica,
I love your photos and especially that amazing blue sky. The lizard looks very nasty, stay away from those. I thought all the lizards were from Arizona! It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time.