July 1, 2009

Dumb Animals & Lame Landscapes

I’m only kidding. Western Australian landscapes are spectacular, so are the wacky animals that are abundant in the bush. 

Traveling around the Ningaloo area requires a lot of driving, on two lane roads through the bush. 

The first animals we saw were a pair of Emus. They are like ostriches, except smaller and still just as funny looking. Poor giant birds, they just can’t get their ugly butts airborne.

The Emu on the right became upset and squawked at our vehicle. 

Kangaroos are everywhere! On an hour-long drive to our hotel, we saw 123 kangaroos (seriously!). We almost hit roughly ten. One lucky driver ahead of us bagged himself a “roo”; we only saw the bloody aftermath smeared across the pavement. 

We found a content kangaroo staring at us and munching on grass. It hopped away soon after. I like to imagine they make a sound when they bounce, like “BOING, BOING.” 

No joke, but I saw two large kangaroos in a clearing; they were on their hind legs, violently boxing each other. I bet they were fighting over lucrative grazing rights of the bush. 

We also spotted a suicidal echidna (spiky ball) standing in the middle of the road. They are very rare to see in the wild. They are one of the few mammals that lay eggs.

See this average shot of where a creek meets the ocean at sunset. 

Also, brilliant rock colorations that meet the wide creek. 

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Anonymous said...

Echidna in Australia and Gila Monsters in AZ...you are the best rare animal finder I've known. I still haven't seen a Gila Monster in the wild. Awesome....keep the updates coming. - Anthony